#ipcrg 2010 conference: A potpourri session on #asthma and #copd

It’s the end of the morning program and the first abstract session. I am a little bit nervous as I am going to present my own talk of this conference. The speaker before me showed some very interesting figures from the ‘COPD uncovered’ study. For me, one of the eye-openers was the finding that half of the subjects with COPD is in the working age groups and through all severity levels of COD subjects are predominantly treated in primary care. From an economic point of view Primary Care proved to be by far the cheapest option for providing effective COPD-care. So I strongly agreed with Thys van der Molen in his conclusion that we should try to keep as much patients in Primary Care as possible.

Then my own talk. I dicussed results from a study on the persistence of airway obstruction. This tends to change over time in 1 out of 5 patients and my statement was that we indeed should perform spirometry periodically to reconfirm our diagnosis. Luckily the audience agreed 😉

One of the next speakers showed quality-control data from the Danish KOALA-project on the effectiveness of rehabilitation. A very strong aspect of this study (in my opinion) is the use of a generic quality of life (utility) measurement, the 15D questionnaire. So far this project has demonstrated that rehabilitation succesfully impoved COPD-outcome paramters (including the 15D). I am already looking forward to future reports from this study, as they will go and try to identify best practices and the most succesfull types of rehabilitation.

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