#ipcrg 2010 conference: Update from the opening sessions. #asthma #copd

Oops, I just managed to overwrite my first blog-post from the IPCRG conference. So now I have to post this again. For me the conference started this morning with some plenary sessions on the roles of the Family Physician and the allied health care professionals (nurses).

Both speakers confirmed that asthma and COPD can and should be diagnosed and treated in Primary Care. The GP has an important role as team-leader and has a medical responsability to guard the wider and broader view on subjects with asthma or COPD. Primary care is the typical and ideal setting to provide continuous and personal care.

GPs and nurses should continue to function as a team and should remain keen on the balance between evidence based and protocolised care versus indivual tailored care. There are shifts in the competencies and tasks and we should carefully remain aware of our roles within a collaborating team.

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